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Still Image Formats

These are formats the client brings in that have no moving images or sound

Photos (Prints)

When George Eastman invented the Photographic Plate in 1884 modern photography was born.  Now clients want to store these as digital files both for preservation and convenience.

 35mm Slides

Introduced in 1935, slides are still generally preferred by professionals and many amateurs when working with traditional film. Slides are often sharper and have better color reproduction than prints.

The Digitization of Still Images


The procedure we use for digitizing pictures is either by scanning or taking a high quality photograph of the picture on a copy stand.  The latter is used usually when the pictures have a texture that does not reproduce well on a scanner.  The resulting files are in JPEG format.


 After cleaning with bone-dry air, we digitize 35mm slides using a state-of-the-art high speed backlighting device into a 3 chip camera.  The resulting files are in JPEG format.

 After digitizing the slides and/ or prints to JPEGs we  notify the client that their project is ready to view.  The client simply comes and takes their data, but sometimes they want to schedule time in the studio to sequence, edit and have us transfer their images to a digital picture frame or make a DVD for them to view on their DVD player.

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